Saturday, June 25, 2016

MC2BackUp Post 2078 The Week B4 the Biggie SmackDown from AMD -- next week --

Even PCPerspectives TWICH Podcast Can Hardly Wait for Next Week's BLAST from AMD.

But Wait ... We Must !

Hold Your Horses Kiddies, the Goodies are a-coming...


In the Meantime......

The Guys at PCPerspectives ( Patrick and Ryan ) are chaffing at the bit for the upcoming (release next week) Graphic Card from  AMD 

that Should shake things Up.  
And at a Price-Point that should shake up the industry 

(  if any of pre-released numbers are close to the Real Deal  ).


The Biggest Wrinkle in Hardware News came, of  course from Apple.

The Next iPhone Will-Not have an Audio Jack.  Hmmm.

That makes almost no sense at all, but then it is Apple.

Deal with it. 

Apple's 2016 iPhone Update to Focus on Headphone Jack Removal,

Major Changes Won't Come Until 2017








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