Saturday, January 20, 2018

And it all comes down to This

SUNDAY JAN 20, 2018

In college basketball, it would be, so

"Who is going to the Big Dance?"

But This is The SUPER BOWL!

And no, Superman will not be making an appearance.

And as for the "Dance",  the 

"I Can't  Do Anything Right Two-Step"

IS Taking Place.

In Washington.

It's called:

"Another Government ShutDown."

"Is This  Anyway to Run the Country???"



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reading Middlemarch has me thinking about the Victorian Age

5 Things Victorian Women Didn’t Do (Much)




Friday, January 12, 2018

CES: The Year of the PA

The Daily Clean-Up
after CES

The Year of the PA

by E. M. Lopez

It's Sit and Sip time in my Oasis. And  as the morning sun rises in the east for the beginning another day in the High Desert. 

 On the TV to my left runs a screen savor program from Apple. 

 And it's showing the morning panorama of San Francisco's west coast “canyons' of tall buildings.

Just over the border in Las Vegas Nevada, I'm sure the clean-up is taking place following the yearly massive event called CES, 
which no longer just means Computer or  Consumer Electronics Show. 

 But Everything with even the slightest bit of electrical do-dads inside them.

The big take-away this year was the Personal Assistant, and the Giant Leap from Google to overtake the incredible lead Amazon had in this space.

If you snooze you lose, and Google woke up with a vengeance 
with the most Google Assistant Partners in that space.

Apple's Siri was quiet for the most part but it was Window's Cortana 
that was the biggest loser in this Personal Assistant Leaders Race. 

And one would almost think that Cortana had stopped running.

Windows, of course, claims it isn't so.  

I guess Their Tortoise is Just Resting.



Monday, January 8, 2018

Understanding the Problems of MELTDOWN and SPECTRE

From Leo Laporte's 


The First 30 plus minutes Explain the Problems

Regarding Our SECURITY

The Problems stems from a technique used to speed up Processors with 

something called  LOOK AHEAD  CACHE  

which has been Done for over 20 Years...



The following TWIT Program will help Explain the Issues Involved.




A Patch for your System WILL HELP


But  on Windows, If you are Running Anit-Virius software, 



Leo Warns Don't Use Third Party ANTI_VIRUS Programs






2018 International  CES began at 10:00 AM on

Tuesday, January 9

and ends on

Friday, January 12

All times are in Pacific Time.



Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jeopardy's Last Night Question

This One Really threw Me for a Loop.


Virginia Woolf

Link to the Rest:


Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Best in PC Harware 2017 from PCPers TWICH episode

It all Started, as it often does, at  CES 2017

ASUS Demonstrates ROG Swift PG27UQ: 4K, 144 Hz, HDR, DCI-P3 and G-Sync

The Fine Print:

 Since the product is not set to hit the market immediately, ASUS decided to stay quiet about its price and availability timeframe, though expect it to be around $1500-$2000.



And so begins the Recap on PCPerspectives TWICH Podcast

detailing the

Best of 2017  PC Hardware Review

That PCPer TWICH Podcast is at this link






And it all comes down to This

SUNDAY JAN 20, 2018 In college basketball, it would be, so " Who is going to the Big Dance? " But This is The SU...