Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MC2BackUp Post 1935 Why I've Been Feeling Like Reverend Jim on Taxi Lately

My yearly doctors visits was crammed into October, before

the end-of-the year Rush.

Got my Flu shots too,  And did Blood Lab work for my doctor's visit.

Then my old blood sugar tester broke.  Needed to reorder that.




My birthday was coming up, and so was  

my driver's license renewal.  

So I went down to the DMV to have that "taken care of".  I had my fees, my doctors reports on my vision.  Went to line 21 to get my picture taken.  That's when things started going south...

After the picture was taken, the printer that was to give me a copy and receipt went off-line and refused to print me a copy...

Next I move over to the written test section number 21.  There I was directed to any of the fancy new touch-screens to take my test.  I just assumed I was going to "ACE" this, no problem.  I did not. 


 Not My Real Test...

"Make an appointment for another test please, 
here's the DMV number to call." 

I was stunned.


This can't be happening!   Guess what?   It was happening...

I didn't know what the alcohol level limit was, I don't drink!

I didn't know where a commercial vehicle could legally make

a U-Turn.  The last written test I'd taken was 15-20+ years Ago! 

I grabbed a PDF copy of the DMV Handbook, and tried to read.
This will Not Work.

You Tube had California DMV Drivers Tests posted online.  

That was a much better option.  

I got cracking.

I went  back for my  Written Test Monday.  I passed!  

Went on Tuesday for my behind the wheel test.  

Passed that too.  I'm back in the drivers seat.





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