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MC2BackUp Post 1932 35 Essential Android Apps for Daily Use


This list of essential Android apps are the ones you must have apps you need every day. They help with email, weather, music, and handful of other essential tasks. 

When you think of it: sure, most of us have multiple computing devices (sometimes too many). But more often than not, the only one we have with us all day is our phone. So the essential question is: what collection of apps are the true must have for the Android?

Of course most of these apps also work on your Android tablet if you had rather just carry that. The point is that yes, you can do everything you need and want to do on a single device if you’re armed with these must have apps.


Here’s Datamation’s pick of the essentials android apps:


1) The Weather Channel Because this app will help you decide what to wear, what to pack, or what to carry with you such as an umbrella or coat. It’s a reliable app that can deliver real-time information about the weather where you are or where you’re headed. It can also serve up emergency weather alerts to keep you safe. Free.

2) Google Maps This Android app is essential to finding your way around no matter where you are. Voice-guided GPS directions makes it all the easier to use whether you’re walking, driving, or riding a bike. It can also help you identify the building you want with street views. Free.

3) Uber You’ll need this app so you can quickly summon ground transportation, be that a taxi or a private driver, when you’re travelling in big cities where available taxis can sometimes be hard to find. This app will instantly hail you a driver or rideshare in 150 cities in nearly 50 countries around the world. Free.


4) Spotify Music  Music simply makes life better and this app keeps your favorite music ready to play whenever you’re ready to listen. Use it for comfort, entertainment or to drown out distracting noise when you need to focus or sleep. Free.

5) Pandora Internet Radio Is your music playlist on Pandora rather than Spotify? No worries, Pandora has an app too. Free.

6) YouTube This app is great for entertainment purposes but it’s also great for learning purposes too. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, there’s probably a YouTube video that can teach you how. Free.

7) Gmail Because, yeah, you need to be able to receive and send email while you’re on the go. With this app, you can also manage multiple gmail accounts too if you like. Free.

8) Outlook  If you have business email to attend to, odds are that if it isn’t on email as if you were actually at the office. Free to those who have a subscription to Outlook.

9) Hangouts This app enables you to send IMs, texts, participate in group chats, video chats, and make phone calls. It’s a great way to communicate anyway you want, anytime you want, and keep your mobile carrier bill low while you’re at it if you’re connected to wifi instead of a cell tower. Free.


10) Netflix Downtime can be so boring. This app will enable you to see movies and TV shows whenever you have time to kill, like between meetings, sitting in a doctor’s office, alone in a hotel, on a flight, or a long bus ride. Free to subscribers.


11) Expensify Tired of trying to keep up with all the receipts while traveling so you can file your expense report later? Use this app to take a picture of the receipt and click which expense report it goes to and you’re done! Did you lose the receipt? No worries. This app will let you import your credit card transactions. Free.


12) Splashtop Remote Desktop Forgot a file at the office that you need right now? This app streams your PC or Mac screen to your Android device and enables you to work on your desktop remotely or to retrieve files from it. $4.99


13)  Office Mobile This app is the official Microsoft Office companion. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are optimized for your Android phone. Work easily to create or use any of these documents. Free to subscribers.


14)  Paypal Request emergency money from friends and family with this app – or send money to friends and family in the same situation.  You can also take a picture of a check to deposit in PayPal plus you can manage your funds in the account. Free.


15)  Venmo Need to split the bill with friends for drinks, dinner, hotel bills or even the rent? Use this app to make and share payments instantly, request money from multiple people, and to put the cash in your bank overnight. This app is hugely popular with young people but it is also ideal for business people or anyone who finds themselves splitting bills on occasion for any reason. Free.


16)  Mint – Personal Not sure how much money you have in your bank account or what your credit card balance is? You can see all your accounts from checking and savings to credit cards on this app. Use this app to check your balances, track your spending, budget building and more, all while on the go. Free.


17)  Simple Currency Converter Not sure how much something costs in a currency other than your own? This app tracks and converts currencies from around the world. You can also graph currency pairs over time and get currency news too. Free.


18)  Data Usage Worried about getting hit with extra data charges from your carrier? This app allows you to set data quota and billing cycle information for the device to help you prevent incurring expensive data overage charges on your device. Monitors both cellular (3G/4G/LTE/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data use in real-time. Free.


19)  KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars Need something to track your itinerary while on the move or to find flights, hotels and rental cars so you can move on? This app can do all that for you and since it is a travel search engine, it can search multiple services so you can see best price across other travel apps too. Free.


20) Airbnb This is one of the hottest peer-to-peer accommodations apps. You can rent your own space out to travelers or book someone else’s on this app. Choose from cheap places to stay to the most expensive and exotic. Many are one-of-a-kind accommodations. Free.


21) Google Cloud Print Need to print something from your phone while you’re on the go? Use this app to print pictures and documents to any Google Cloud Print connected printer.  Free.


22) Yahoo News Digest. This app beautifully lays out the day’s news for you and makes it easy to read on a phone screen. Plus there are aggregates lists of links and additional sources if you want to dive deeper into any given story. Free.


23) Mailbox. This app is by Dropbox and it is an efficient and beautifully designed e inbox for Gmail and iCloud accounts that presents your email in a totally new way. Read your emails without opening them first in a chat-like setup. One of the most popular apps this year. Free.


24) Transit App. Not sure when the next bus or train is scheduled to arrive or which is the fastest way to your destination? Use this app to plan the trip and catch the right bus or train in 82 cities across North America and Europe. Free.


25) Yelp. This app does more than serve up customer reviews on restaurants, shops and other businesses. You can find deals, directions, hours of operations, and photos here. You can also make reservations directly from the app. FREE


26)  EMNet findER This app locates the closest hospital emergency room in the U.S. which is useful to any traveler but especially to anyone with chronic medical conditions or traveling with someone with health problems. FREE


27) World Travel Guide by Triposo This app is a travel guide for the whole world. Download the country or city you’re interested in and then you can use it offline to find major sights, great restaurants, different nightlife options, current events, local wildlife guides, and more. It even has phrasebooks for use at non-English locations. Free.


28) OpenTable This app enables you to make instant and guaranteed reservations at over 20,000 registered restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. You can see menus and photos too. FREE


29) WiFi Finder This app finds both free and paid WiFi Internet connections even if the app is offline. It will also give you directions to the WiFi hotspot of your choice and give you details about the connection. FREE  

30) Best Parking This is a real-time parking search engine app that locates the cheapest and most convenient parking garages, street parking spots, and lots in 70 cities and 115 airports in North America. The app also tells you hours of operation, facility phone numbers, payment methods accepted, whether it is self-park or valet, and other info. FREE


31) Google Keep This app is a cross-platform, note-taking tool. You can record a voice memo or add notes, lists, photos, receipts, links, just about anything you want to find later. The search tool makes it easy to find the right notes later. Free.


32) Unclouded This app collects, organizes and allows you to analyze everything you stored in Dropbox and Google Drive. Rumor has it that BOX and OneDrive will be added soon to. It’s a great way to see what you have in the cloud and determine what else you might want to backup there. You can also easily search for files that you need to use right now. No more trying to remember which cloud service you put it in. Free.


33) Kindle This is Amazon’s eReader app that you can use to buy and read books and magazines. It also offers handy tools that let you look up the definitions of unfamiliar words or make notes in the margin while you read. Free.


34) Google Camera This is a standalone camera app that is far superior to the stock camera apps now on your phone. It still has limitations but it’s fast and easy to use and better than what you have now. Creative features include Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama.  Free.


35) Tasker This app is an awesome task manager. It automates many app and phone functions including automatic replies to text messages if the phone is in quiet mode, like when you’re sleeping or in a meeting. It even lets you create your own standalone apps to share or sell. $2.99






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