Sunday, September 11, 2016

Post 2084 Getting the PI Out of my Face and doing something with it

This is your Basic MoBo (motherboard), today...

Something close to the Do It Yourself Basics

I used to do a few Years ago.

I've fallen behind the Times it seems.

This is the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B...

This new model is faster and is on a 64-bit cpu.
It comes with built in WiFi and the boot chip is 
a micro USB.  Like the ones you can put
in some Samsung phones... 

The 'older one, whic I also own, looks like this:

The plastic pre-fab case was extra but it fit perfectly.

I need on for the new RP 3 because it runs a little
hotter than this slower original Raspberry.

The bigger SD chip is where you load the OS.
Most often that is a flavor of Linux.

You  Tube has an outrageous number of  Raspbery PI
Videos on how to do Just About Everything..

More to come...

The Wingman.


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