Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Drive to make things More Difficult

Bits and Pieces of  8 

(the dogs that ate my homework environment) 

Trying to Work with Google Drive?  

Here are Some of the Gotchas

Forget about Picasa and Learn Files and Folders

It's all about the New App Culture and that just
Can't be good.

Welcome to the Land of  Way Too many Conversions

On Windows I use notepad for most of  my quicky notes.  And over the years that functioning program has served me quite well thank you. different

Enter the World of Google Drive and it's
"Let's throw out this baby with the bathwater"
and use something different

(somehow that sounds so Monty Python to me)

"You don't have to Fix It if it Really isn't broken, Dude!"

But engineer's are always changing things, aren't they?

This mentality is the result of too many

"Kooks" in the Kitchen.

Some things Work,
Other things...
Not so  much.

And so it Goes...



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