Saturday, April 29, 2017

A New Cordcutter makes a Point

Cable was Out last night and yet 
life went on...

With a little gadget called 
Raspberry Pi
the show went on.

Of course with my new add on YouTube TV
and my Chromecast connector, I could still
watch 'live' network tv.  Thus I was able to 
see the Clippers win game 6 with Utah and
force a game 7 on  Sunday.

Lucky me, I had just set up my desktop 
computer running Win 7 with the Chrome
browser and had access to my new 

YouTube TV Toy.


Afterwards, using the Raspberry Pi
We watched old episodes of  Dark Matter
season 2. Which switched on the ABC
pluugin that has a list of  ABC shows
both old and new.  We watched a couple 
of episodes of  The Middle, whose comedy
is not from left field.

9:07 AM 4/29/2017

Opting for Optane memory on 
TWICH ep 412

Patrick Norton and Allyn Malventano.

Category: Reviews

Intel Optane Memory...faster than lightning! Which HD 

should you buy??? Is AMD Vega around the corner? Windows 

is adding Power Throttling, three new monitors from Dell, 

and HyperX has a lightweight gaming mouse!

Download or subscribe to this show at 



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