Tuesday, February 23, 2016

MC2BackUp Post 2068 The ERA of Small Ball has arrived in the NBA

A Tale of Two Clippers

Golden Stae Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Half Time reporters on last night's NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC 7,  
gave the Best analysis of the End of the Era, the Importance of a Big Man in today's SMALL BALL Basketball.

ESPN SportsCenter.

Warriors bounce back from 32-point loss, hold off Clippers

The Clippers end the game on a 13-0 run, but the Warriors hold on for a
115-112 victory, with Draymond Green recording his league-leading 11th

Saturday, February 20, 2016

MC2BackUp Post 2067 TRAFFIC ALERT: Full Closure of 91 Freeway This Weekend

For the Latest Updates see Link Below.  Wingman.


One of the Inland Empire's busiest travel corridors, the Riverside (91) Freeway, will be completely shut down all weekend.  The complete closure starts Friday (2-19-16) at 9pm and lasts until 4am Monday (2-22-16).

The 91 Freeway will be closed in both directions between Interstate 15 and the Corona (71) Expressway, according to the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

The agency said the closure, dubbed ``Corona Carmageddon,'' will enable crews to tackle three major components of the ``91 Project Fast  Forward'' without traffic conflicts.

``By fully closing the roadway, we will be able to consolidate these significant construction efforts into one weekend, rather than multiple weekends or  extending this over a month of weeknights,'' said RCTC Executive Director Anne Mayer.

``Consolidating the work activities within one weekend will reduce the number of closure hours by more than 50 percent,'' she said. ``The project's design-build method allows for flexibility in planning work, such as this weekend closure.''

Mayer said the westbound side of the Maple Street bridge at the 91 will be demolished, and crews will install support beams at the flyover ramp connected to the bridge, as well as pave a portion of the eastbound 91 under Interstate 15.

RCTC officials emphasized the benefit of conducting the construction activity without exposing road workers to freeway traffic.

Officials recommended that motorists plan to take alternate routes during the 55-hour closure, which will begin at 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19, and wrap up at 4 a.m. Monday, Feb. 22.

Other east-west corridors traversing the IE include Interstate 10 and the Pomona (60) Freeway. Interstate 15 will remain open, as will the 71 expressway. However, utilizing either freeway to connect to the 91 will not be possible.


Los Angeles Daily News

Residents rally against SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon storage field

State officials have certified that no gas is leaking from the Southern California Gas Co. broken well above Porter Ranch, but that hasn’t stopped activists in the area.

They rallied once again Friday night with one demand: to shut down the Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon storage facility, where not just the now retired well spewed greenhouse gas into the air, but where 114 others have drawn the ire of residents.



From USA Today
Smartphones don't kill


Cook's duty to his shareholders

So it comes down to the FBI versus the technology industry, and Cook is putting up a fight.

The government is trying to force Apple (AAPL) to create a new version of its product that would give law-enforcement agencies so-called backdoor keys into the personal data locked behind them.

But if it were to do so, Apple's competitive position would surely suffer, which is why Cook has a fiduciary duty to his shareholders to fight the government's latest attempt to trample civil liberties in the age of digital crime.






Wednesday, February 10, 2016

MC2 Post 2066 WHY The NBA Playoffs will go Through the West

Golden State Warriors

Last Night's Game:

Number One and Four in the Standings

Link:  http://www.nba.com/standings/team_record_comparison/conferenceNew_Ahd_Div.html

2015-2016 DIVISION Regular Season STANDINGS

Eastern Conference


1.  Toronto       35-16
2.  Boston        31-23


1.  Cleveland   37-14
2.  Indiana       26-24


1.  Atlanta       30-24
2.  Miami         29-24

Western Conference


1.  Oklahoma City    39-14
2.  Utah                    26-26


1.  Golden State      47-4
2.  L. A. Clippers     35-17


1.  San Antonio        44-22
2.  Memphis             30-22

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MC2 Post 2065 Week Three for the X-Files

Week Three for the X-Files and still leading the 
broadcast pack for Monday.

After reading a review of the X-Files Re-Boot before the first episode aired I was feeling 'hopeful' of the return of one of my favorite series. 

The unnamed reviewer got to see the first 3 episodes and felt the Third Episode, which aired last night was the best of the three.  I must be a bit more critical about what a 'good episode' of the X-Files is and did not agree with his pick.  

To be kind, it reminded me more of an Night Stalker episode (1974) with Darren McGavin.  

X-Files fans know that the Night Stalker's Creature of the Week was the part germ of the idea for the X-Files, according to Chris Carter.

Still, it seems to be holding its own against the current competition and that's a good sign.

Wingman on Television.

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