Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MC2 Post 2065 Week Three for the X-Files

Week Three for the X-Files and still leading the 
broadcast pack for Monday.

After reading a review of the X-Files Re-Boot before the first episode aired I was feeling 'hopeful' of the return of one of my favorite series. 

The unnamed reviewer got to see the first 3 episodes and felt the Third Episode, which aired last night was the best of the three.  I must be a bit more critical about what a 'good episode' of the X-Files is and did not agree with his pick.  

To be kind, it reminded me more of an Night Stalker episode (1974) with Darren McGavin.  

X-Files fans know that the Night Stalker's Creature of the Week was the part germ of the idea for the X-Files, according to Chris Carter.

Still, it seems to be holding its own against the current competition and that's a good sign.

Wingman on Television.

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