Friday, September 11, 2015

MC2 Post 2051 Disney Gets into Transmitting Data with Invisible LIGHT

Harnessing a IOT Functionality with, wait for it,    TOYS.

IOT  Internet of Things




Disney Research Zurich, ETH Zurich | Stampfenbachstrasse 48 | 8006 Zurich |



Visible Light Communication

[M1] G. Corbellini and K. Aksit and S. Mangold and S. Schmid and T. R. Gross, "Connecting Networks of Toys and Smartphones with Visible Light Communication" Accepted for publication in the IEEE Communications Magazine Feature Topic Issue "Visible Light

Communications — The Road to Standardization and Commercialization"
Conference Papers and Workshops


[C9] R. Frigg and G. Corbellini and S. Mangold 
and T. R. Gross, "Acoustic Data

Transmission to Collaborating Smartphones – An Experimental Study", IEEE/IFIP WONS 2014 in Obergurgl, Austria.


Some of the Links point to PDF Documents



Apple's Big Event in September

includedHUGE  iPad 

The New iPad PRO, Pencil and Keyboard were featured yesterday in SF.

And a couple of New iPhones too!





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