Thursday, January 8, 2015

MC2 Post 1963 Android Lollipop is out, but almost No One is using it

Well That was ONE Pundits opinion  1-8-2015.

And this Graph doesn't HELP ANY...

So, what's happening to Lollipop? That's a good question, but you don't have to look too far to find reasons why Lollipop wasn't greeted with open arms. First, some users, who would prove to be mostly Nexus 7 2012 tablet users, had horrible performance problems with Lollipop. This wasn't fixed until the release of Android 5.0.2 in late December.

All these problems made many Android users wary of Lollipop. 

Well, Wingman, Me just got the 5.02 Update yesterday and I'm one who has been giving Google's release of   5.0 over a month ago a lot of complaining at over on google+  for  a very badly Timed Release of  a Lollipop that was not nearly ready for Prime Time.

I complained  and complained but it seem to fall on Deaf Ears.

According to the Graph, a lot of them avoided the problems I was having by Not Jumping on the Lollipop Bandwagon.

Good for them.  And Bad for Me...

Well, the Fix is in and it's been running flawlessly.   Man, am I glad they FIXED IT!

The Water's Fine Jump in.







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