Thursday, December 4, 2014

MC2 Post 1952 Orion Test: Orion Scrubbed for a Day

Orion Mission Scrubbed for 24 Hours

Fill and Drain valve issues.

Link for Live Ustream feed:



See  for more information about the relaunch of Orion.


Critical Step on Journey to Mars

The launch of Orion’s flight test has been scrubbed for today because of an issue related to fill and drain valves on the Delta IV Heavy rocket that teams could not troubleshoot by the time the launch window expired.

The next launch window opens at 7:05 a.m. Eastern on Friday, Dec. 5.
The un-crewed Orion will orbit 3,600 miles above Earth before splashing down in the Pacific. Orion is being designed to carry astronauts on exploration missions into deep space, including a trip to an asteroid and eventually to Mars.



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